Our Mission 

The Augustine Academy exists to partner with parents by offering an education that prepares children to thoughtfully engage the world. This work is grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ and in the truth that we were created--mind, heart, and affections--to bring glory to God and are invited to be a part of his redemptive, creative work in his world.

We are rooted in the following values:

1. The Christian Gospel

Education is not primarily about learning content, but about forming the mind and heart to fulfill its God-­intended purpose. We were made for God, and therefore, we learn. We do not, however, simply aim at cultivating Christian virtues. Rather, we are grounded in a commitment to the cross of Jesus Christ as the central event of human history. All of life, all spiritual growth, and all subjects of learning must be rooted in the truth of who God is, what’s wrong with the world, and God’s plan of redemption. DEUTERONOMY 6:1-3; PSALM 111:10; PROVERBS 9:10; 16:16;  ROMANS 12:2

2. The Primacy of Parents in Training Their Children

Scripture says that parents are called to bring their children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Our philosophy is not to be the primary teachers of faith, but to support the faith and learning parents are cultivating at home. Our model further supports this objective by combining classroom instruction, support, and expertise with work days at home. This brings parents into the day to ­day instruction of their children; it provides more opportunities for parents to care for the minds and hearts of their children; and it makes home life and relationships a greater priority for children. DEUTERONOMY 6:4-9; PROVERBS 4:1; 6:20-23; JOEL 1:3; EPHESIANS 6:4

3. The Classical Liberal Arts Tradition

We are grounded in a classical model of education in the liberal arts tradition. Learning is not primarily geared towards a job, but in living. This means we expose our children to the great ideas, great books, and great men and women of history. We think broadly about our world and culture. We are rooted in a classical model of training ­­starting with the building blocks of learning and knowledge, and then progressing to critique, analysis, and application of that knowledge. Our educational philosophy is less focused on the latest trends, and more focused on time ­tested ideas to prepare the great thinkers of the future. PSALM 119:66; PROVERBS 2:10-11; 16:22; ECCLESIASTES 7:12; 2 TIMOTHY 2:15

4. The Joy-Filled Adventure of Learning 

Beholding the world God has made is not the stuff of boredom, but adventure. We seek to inspire children to love learning, love knowledge, and see the goodness of God through his world and his people. Though distorted by sin, God designed us to enjoy beauty, goodness, and truth. We were made to build, delight, create, order, analyze, problem ­solve, think, taste, speak, discuss, run, play, laugh, and savor. The heavens indeed proclaim the glory of God, and we seek to cultivate the joy-­filled adventure of learning in everything we do. GENESIS 1:26; PROVERBS 23:26; ECCLESIASTES 2:26; 12:9-13

5. The Cultivation of Self-Discipline & Habits of Excellence 

Life should be lived on purpose, doing all things for the glory of God. The pursuit of godly disciplines and habits, therefore, must be cultivated. We aim for gospel ­motivated, Spirit­ empowered habits of excellence, grounded in the finished work of Christ and his call to work heartily as unto the Lord. PSALM 141:3; ECCLESIASTES 12:1; ROMANS 6:12-13; PHILIPPIANS 3:14; TITUS 2:12

6. Commitment to Engage the World in Every Area for the Glory of God

Christian men and women are raised up not to withdraw from the world, but to engage it according to their calling. We seek to inspire our students to be distinctly Christian writers, artists, pastors, politicians, entrepreneurs, businessmen, stay­ at ­home moms, engineers, and teachers. We want our students to plant churches, build culture, shape policy, create beautiful things, start businesses, and raise yet another generation to love Christ. We aim to prepare students to bring the hope of the gospel to a world that so desperately needs it, always ready to give a reason for the hope that we have. NEHEMIAH 4:6, 17-18; 6:2-3; PSALM 39:7; MATTHEW 5:13-15; 1 CORINTHIANS 12; 1 PETER 3:15