Sterling North's Boyhood Home


This month the students of TAA converged on the little town of Edgerton, WI in Rock County. Though our students always enjoy the many various outings on the first Friday of each month, December 7th was special. These children stepped into the setting of the Read Aloud book from this fall, Rascal by Sterling North! The story of Rascal is based on Sterling North’s experience raising a baby raccoon cub that he found in the woods. If you have not read it, we highly recommend that you do. There is plenty of adventure, and a lot to learn about how Wisconsin looked one hundred years ago!

On the trip, students had a chance to ring the bell in the Methodist Church where Sterling’s pet bird, Poe the Crow, lived. They then visited the house and barn where Sterling grew up, set up as it would have looked in 1918…but without the giant canoe he was building in the living room! If you’d like to visit, check out The Sterling North Society’s Facebook site HERE.

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If you’re considering joining us next year, there are sure to be many more Outings that will rival this one. Look for our Open House schedule coming out at the end of the month!